Rich Honey brand Los Angeles
Be a part without losing your own individuality
Since 2011, Rich Honey has been manufacturing premium-class clothing and accessories for private brands. Rich Honey customers get the opportunity to organize production with minimal costs, since most of all operations - labeling and sorting of fabrics, drawing designs, high-quality painting using the latest technologies, cutting and tailoring - are performed at the production facilities of Rich Honey.
Passion to create new
Aerial shooting of the panorama of Los Angeles from LIVELYOCEAN FILM made it possible to convey the immensity and actual rhythm of the big city in the video. Cities where different fashionable directions are running into each other - not always similar in style and spirit, but equally qualitative and comfortable. Cities where it is so easy to create new and simply self-express yourself, deriving inspiration in its colors and sounds and beauty of the surrounding nature.
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